Flotsam Beach

Stepan Chapman

Flotsam Beach is a mind-bending verbal and musical series for adults.  

   Stepan Chapman, the host of Flotsam Beach, is a Montana-based writer with a message for the World. Many messages, in fact. 
   Each episode is a free-form audio art project with a theme. Topics range from Russian folklore to primate biology, from American history to oddball musical styles. 

   Stepan aims to create sonic salads that entertain you and inform you in equal measure. The show features music, readings, clips of found sound, and lively commentary-- all mashed together to make a point.  

   Flotsam Beach is the only imaginary radio show that’s transmitted directly into your brain from Happiness Island... somewhere in the Pacific... the place where escape artists go to escape... where worn-out cultures go to comfortably crumble... the place where even freaks of nature are far less freakish than they might suppose.

Last Updated on: Friday June 21, 2013
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*******There are currently more than thirty episodes of Flotsam Beach. To hear any one of them, click the button for Flotsam Beach the Podcast. Below is the premier podcast, Toonland 1933.********

                              Flotsam Beach 1:  

Toonland 1933 
In this episode, Stepan celebrates the soundtracks of various American cartoons of the thirties. He also reads about the history of the animation industry in New York, from Leonard Maltin’s book Of Mice and Magic. 
    Audio clips derive mostly from the Van Beuren Studio and the Max Fleischer Studio. Background music is borrowed from The Sandpiper Choir and The Rudy Schwartz Project.